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Helping the Unhoused Prepare for Winter in Greensboro

"There are almost 1,000 unhoused people in Greensboro, and there is a cold snap on the way this weekend followed by a cold winter forecasted.  

Nationwide, thousands of people facing homelessness end up needing medical care for cold-related injuries, and more than 700 die from hypothermia.  

In Greensboro, the police department is working with local nonprofits to help unhoused people prepare for the cold.

“We put together a donation drive to kind of get it out to the community and get their help to collect tents, toiletries, clothing,” GPD Officer Tommy Perkins said.  

Perkins works as a homeless assistance resource officer and was glad to see a donation of several tents on Friday night.  

There’s a big need for tents, sleeping bags, gloves and more warming items."

Read the full article here.  

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