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2024.05 - Guilford County CoC HMIS Lead_CE Lead Report (May 2024 Data).jpg

GUILFORD COUNTY POINT-IN-TIME COUNT: Partners Ending Homelessness plans and participates in the annual Guilford County Point-In-Time Count in collaboration with the other member agencies of the Guilford County Continuum of Care. Point-In-Time Counts are conducted annually in January across the nation. These counts are designed to collect data on the number of individuals and families experiencing homelessness on any given night in each community. The information collected during the count provides a snapshot of unduplicated sheltered and unsheltered individuals and families experiencing homelessness throughout the county.

The data from the 2024 Point-In-Time Count is being finalized with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The preliminary numbers are as follows:

  • Total Persons in Emergency Shelter: 376

  • Total Persons in Transitional Housing: 50

  • Total Persons in Safe Haven: 5

  • Total Unsheltered Persons: 234

  • Overall Total Persons (Sheltered & Unsheltered): 665

The data from prior Point-In-Time Counts is available here:

Additional data about homelessness in Guilford County and in North Carolina can be found here: 

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