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New Study Provides Look at High Point Eviction Data

Partners Ending Homelessness had the opportunity to participate in a new study that analyzes eviction data for the city of High Point.

Background: The Foundation for a Healthy High Point partnered with the Center for Housing and Community Studies at UNC Greensboro to sponsor the 2023 High Point Eviction Project. The objective of the study was to create an eviction database for High Point for the calendar year 2023.

The project focused on all evictions in High Point in a one-year period, measured by an examination of eviction case filings. The results yielded vital information, including both quantitative data about evictions and qualitative information about the experiences of tenants experiencing them. Most alarming is the fact that High Point is among the cities with the highest number of evictions, ranking fifth in the country for the highest eviction filing rate among locations tracked by Eviction Lab.

Key findings of the study include:

  • 3,261 eviction cases filed. While historical data is lacking, numbers indicate that eviction filings have returned at least to pre-pandemic levels.

  • In addition to the eviction filing rate, High Point also ranks among the top 25 large cities for the actual eviction rate. This metric indicates the number of eviction filings that result in a judgement in favor of the landlord, ordering the tenant to leave the premises.

  • As noted above, the High Point eviction filing rate ranks among the worst cities in the country.

  • While the study authors expected to see a concentration of evictions in certain areas, there are also large pockets of evictions in other parts of the city, even in more affluent neighborhoods.

  • A prominent number of evictions are attributable to larger corporate landlords.

  • Tenants are experiencing an increasing level of serial eviction filings. This finding mirrors the experience in other areas as rental ownership becomes more consolidated.

  • A significant number of eviction filings are made for relatively low dollar amounts.

Read more from The Foundation for a Healthy High Point here:

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